Slide Online ordering now available. Online ordering is now available with Mealeo for pickup or delivery! Mealeo is another local business that makes our community awesome. Place your order online and enjoy Take Two in the comfort of your own home! Order Online Slide Committed to encouraging environmentally sustainable practices. Taking care of the environment needs to begin locally. We are making strides to eliminate waste by converting to compostable cups, eliminating single use sugar packets, and offering an incentive for the use of reusable cups. Customers will receive 50 cents off when you bring in your own reusable cup. Slide Where vegan meets main street Vegan meals are not only about beans and veggies. Vegan cooking has become main stream with burritos, breakfast sandwiches, cookies, and smoothies. Try a Meatless Monday and your decision could reduce water consumption by up to 58% per person!
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Come to Take Two and relax in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Experience being welcomed by name and engaging with our staff who knows your favorite drink. C’mon, take a little break and feel like you’re at home in a comfy chair and chatting with friends.

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Coffee and Drinks

Respect the bean. We pride ourselves in serving only the best, certified organic and fair trade coffees. We source our coffee ethically creating unique and delicious blends from diverse roasters. With our new supplier, Stacks Coffee, we are the only establishment in Schenectady offering specialty coffee.

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Bakery and Pastries

What goes better with coffee or tea? Maple Pecan Pie or Gluten Free Granola bars just to name a few! All of our sweets are sourced and produced locally.

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Visit us!

We are a local, independently owned vegan café on State Street in Schenectady. It’s a great spot to spend your morning or afternoon, meet with friends, check out art from local talent, people watch or just enjoy your favorite cup of Joe.

How about a breakfast burrito? Feeling a bit daring? Go for the Crunch Wrap Supreme and a Matcha Lemonade.


Check out our menu for more tasty suggestions!

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The Effects of Meatless Monday.

Have you thought about giving up meat for one day? Meatless Monday is part of The Monday Campaigns, which produces public health initiatives in association with Johns Hopkins, Columbia, and Syracuse Universities. Did you know that Americans consume about four times the amount of animal protein than the global average? We could reduce emissions by an estimated 1.0 gigaton per year. That’s the equivalent of taking 273 million cars off the road.

Can one person save the planet with just one day of vegan eating?

  • You save more water by not eating a pound of meat than you do by not showering for six months! It requires more than 4,000 gallons of water per day to produce food for a typical meat-eater but only 300 gallons of water to produce food for a typical vegan.
  • 5 billion pounds of crops are saved that would otherwise be fed to livestock. That’s enough to feed the state of New Mexico for more than a year.
  • We’d put away 70 million gallons of gas and that is enough to fuel all the cars of Canadaand Mexico with plenty to spare.

  • Approximately 1,700 gallons of water are needed to produce a single pound of beef. Approximately 39 gallons of water are needed to produce a pound of vegetables.
  • When compared with current food intake in the US, a vegetarian diet could reduce water consumption by up to 58% per person.
  • Based on current data and consumption patterns, if everyone on the planet went without meat for one day per week, we could reduce emissions by an estimated 1.0 gigaton per year. That’s equal to taking 273 million cars off the road.

We serve freshly brewed tea and coffee, in addition to a menu of light meals and tasty treats and snacks. We are open for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon gatherings.

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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to make plant-based food readily (and tastily) available. You don’t have to be a fully-committed vegan to enjoy foods that are friendly to the earth and those we share it with. It’s about reducing environmental impacts and animal cruelty the best you can. Every plant-based meal is a step in the right direction… toward a healthier planet and happier animals, including humans! We’re here to show you these foods can taste amazing and make a difference in our world, one bite at a time.