Our Story

Our mission is to keep the Capital Region well fed and happy and to give back to our community whenever we can.

Great Beginnings

Like a Phoenix, Take Two Café has risen from the ashes, stronger and more focused than ever. Take Two Café welcomes everyone to try a new dining experience. We believe that happy people eat healthily and live longer! We look forward to welcoming you to Take Two Café and experiencing where vegan meets Main Street.

New location, same friends- Take Two Café

Chelsea has taken her passion for vegan cooking and kicked it up a notch. The past 12 months have been challenging with Covid and the limitations associated with in-house dining.  True to her commitment to take the earth back to square one, Chelsea created a new venture, and Take-Two Café was born. Introducing a vegan dining option has been successful, and a loyal and supportive following ensued. Interest from non-vegans increased.

Now is time to embrace or at least investigate vegan food or a vegan lifestyle. Our goal is to bring the environment and the earth to the next level of commitment: Take Two.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make plant-based food readily (and tastily) available. You don’t have to be a fully committed vegan to enjoy foods that are friendly to the earth and those we share it with. It’s about reducing environmental impacts and animal cruelty the best you can. Every plant-based meal is a step in the right direction… toward a healthier planet and happier animals, including humans! We’re here to show you these foods can taste amazing and make a difference in our world, one bite at a time.  

Experience Take Two Cafe

Take Two Café, while supporting vegans, allows non-vegans to see how great vegan food can taste in an environment welcoming to all and at a price everyone can afford.

We became more aware of the food we eat and how it impacts our environment. Major issues include the large-scale animal to food processing industry, the environmental impact, and the negative socio-economic effects it has. This occurs specifically in third world countries as land and resources are needed to support the mega meat industry. Stop in and try just one vegan meal. You just might be happily surprised!